Spiralling, Feature Film (Pre-Production)

An unlikely relationship between Jo and Moksha, worlds apart from the outside, inseperable from within. A trip to sin city where their love for each other will be put to the ultimate test

Nature of the Beast, Theatre (Pre-Production)

Danny has fallen in love with Nat. Danny is going on a stag do to Liverpool. Danny doesn’t want to go to Liverpool on a stag. It’s the last thing Danny needs right now. Danny has a bad feeling about going. Frankie is not much help either. Not much help at all. Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...

Beautiful Psycho, Music Video, 2020

Beautiful psycho is the theme track for Noose (2020).

Music performed and produced by GG Morrace. Written, directed and performed by Bobby Bulloch. Editing and special effects by Jonathan Kennedy.

Noose, Feature Film, 2019

Richard Black finds himself on a journey of self reflection to the bottom of the noose and back. As his addictions spiral him downward, blurring the lines between real and imaginary, he is forced to confront his inner demons. Struggling as the local pariah he falls into the arms of Sophie - work colleague and ray of hope in his life. Sophie is the hand in the darkness Richard needs if he can just avoid temptation for long enough to save him from himself.

Written and directed by Bobby Bulloch. Editing and special effects by Jonathan Kennedy. Director of Photography, Nick Williams.

The Making of 'Noose', Documentary, 2019

Behind the scenes look at the making of Noose including an interview with director Bobby Bulloch. 

Produced by The Untold.

Time of Your Life, Short Film, 2018

‘Saturday night, yasss..., time of your life!  Yehinksi?’ 

Follow a group of interconnected souls as they venture off into the night. Made in association with Blameless Charity and the Hamilton Accies trust.

Written and directed by Bobby Bulloch. Editing and special effects by Jonathan Kennedy.

Drink, Theatre, 2018

Monday morning, can’t remember how he got home. Good weekend? Good at the time eh! Hair of the dog? There’s always hair eh the dog. Hair eh the dog that bit you! It’s all about perspective...

Written by Bobby Bulloch, directed by Joey Cooper.

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